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Build a Secured and Flexible Data Infrastructure with Our Industry-leading Expertise

With the digital landscape evolving fast and coming across a series of revolutionary technological refinements, Sky Drive specializes in empowering businesses of all sizes with supreme web and file hosting services. With a bunch of skilled tech wizards, we aim at reducing the costs related to development, IT and maintenance costs for organizations while, equipping them with extensive security and stability of the website.

As a pioneering website hosting provider in Australia, we have successfully offered a business-oriented solution to clients for facilitating a highly durable, secure and scalable storage infrastructure.

Network Availability and Reliability

Being recognized as a well-established web hosting company, we have helped our customers to deploy a performance-oriented and trusted cloud network. Our well-distributed cloud operating system and multi-line network will equip organizations with a highly integrated architecture, that aids in minimizing data redundancy.


We adhere to the national and international security standards and industry needs. We constantly aim at strengthening the security and management of our high-engineered information technology systems including meticulous third-party evaluation and reviews on regular basis.

Data Privacy and Security

Considering the whole process of data flow from data centers to end users, we ensure extensive data privacy and security through our competent security capabilities. In compliance to the stringent data security measures and deployment of advanced technologies, we have successfully safeguarded our data centers and prevented unauthorized access.

Flexible Pricing

We do not compel our customers to pay any upfront costs or sign any long-term contract for procuring the resources offered by us. We render a range of flexible pricing schemes to businesses for downsizing expenses gradually.

Dynamic Resource Management

Considering the fluctuating website traffic, Sky Drive aims at developing a highly scalable and flexible data architecture which, can expand and shrink as per clients’ needs.

With our bunch of experienced tech buffs, we leverage on a gamut of avant-garde technologies and methodologies for rendering the best professional support to our clients. Thus, reach us now to empower your business with a streamlined, integrated, end-to-end, scalable data architecture.